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It’s hard to talk about yourself without being self-referential, something that I never liked.
I did the Academy in order to acquire the skills that allowed me to be a photographer in the true sense of the word. Photograph gives me a chance to express myself consciously from a creative point of view.
What to look for in a photo? Seeking thrills, seeking to provoke, I try the taste and style.
I consider myself creatively eclectic though I shouldn’t be the one to say it, but I think my pictures speak for themselves.
I love the photographic image and that means happiness to me.
I’m a positive person with good communication skills. I am highly motivated and very  focused on the costumer.
I do whatever it’s needed and I go wherever it’s necessary in order to obtain great results.
I love traveling and I’m willing to start every kind of training that could improve my skills.

I’m a Journalist.
I have studied photography at the Kaverdash Academy in Milan.
I have a Master in Fashion Photography.
Master in Post-Production
I am certified in Digital Communication